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Hero Hostess Guide

Organising a baby shower? Little Dot Company has listed everything you need to know to earn your Superhero Hostess accolade from the over-pants up!

  • Are you a Batman or an Avenger? If you have offered to take up the mantel of organising a baby shower you should decide if you think you can manage it by yourself, or if there are friends who could help. There is quite a lot of organising that goes into a baby shower so a trio could be exactly what you need to do it perfectly.
  • What's up your superhero sleeve to add pizzaz to the party? Do you want invitations, buntings, banners, balloons, cakes, table centres and favours for guests? To save pennies, check out some DIY ideas for table centres that are affordable and effective on Little Dot Company FB and Instagram pages.
  • Do you have the budget of Bruce Wayne? Once you have worked out what you would like at the baby shower, create a budget so that you can decide how to split it among friends.
  • Pick a location; at your house, their house, a restaurant, a hall, the park, the beach - if you are lucky enough to live by the coast! If you are going alfresco, don’t forget you can never rely on the weather, so always have a back up plan.
  • If it’s at a restaurant, cafe or hall make sure you book the venue in advance.
  • Set a date, time and length of party.
  • Create a guest list and decide if it’s just women, couples, and if children can come.
  • Decide on a theme - a bit of coordination looks very elegant.
  • Select the invitations and work out how many you need.
  • Send out the invitations and don’t forget to tell the guests about the stylish gifts they can buy at Little Dot Company.
  • Purchase the party decorations (banners and buntings) and try to keep to your theme to create a totally stunning look.
  • Decide if you are going to do games. If so, organise these along with prizes.
  • Order the cake or cupcakes.
Now for the home stretch, a week before the event:
  • If the baby shower is at a restaurant, confirm numbers of guests and make final table reservations.
  • If at home or a hall, plan the room and seating arrangement including the gift table and food table.
  • Purchase beverages and food.
The day before the event
  • Pick some tunes for the event and start playing some action music, because it's time to get busy.
  • There may be some things you can cook the day before to avoid added stress on the day of the shower - you need to enjoy it too.
  • Now with your superhero incredible strength and super-speed make a dash to pick up the cake.
  • Make sure your camera and phone are charged, and if your selfie game is strong buy some selfie sticks too.
On the day
  • It’s the morning of the baby shower, this looks like a job for super coffee. Start decorating the room, set up the gift and food table, and lay out the glasses, cups, plates and beverages.
  • Put signs out for the party so you don't have to use your tracking device to find missing guests. Or better still, the baby shower banner.
  • Keep rubbish bags at the ready for throwing away wrapping paper and litter. Alternatively, tie it around your neck and pretend it’s your cape.
  • Do the last bits of food and lay them out on the table.
  • Get yourself ready for the party. If you’re feeling mighty enough, feel free to put your pants on the outside. Life is too short for mediocre underwear.
  • Now welcome the guests and give yourself a huge foam-hand pat on the back. Congratulation, mission complete! We’re not saying your Wonder Woman we’re just saying no one has ever seen the two of you in the same room!