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To shower, or not to shower?

Baby showers are certainly catching on in the UK and, in the Little Dot opinion, rightly so. There is no better cause for a celebration than the imminent arrival of a baby, be it the first, second, third, or even fifth! 

Welcoming a new life into the world is about a big an event as you can get! So whether a mummy-to-be breezed pregnancy or had plenty of pregnancy gripes, a baby shower is a great way to high five the end of the journey with friends and family.

You may notice that wetting the baby's head has always been a long male tradition. Without taking away the importance of a man's role in procreation, and immediately following this their time served listening to the occasional pregnancy grumble and irrational hormonal behaviour, mums are the true stars who deserve their crown and glory. They're the power horse behind the push!

So yes, shower! Bathe in the glory that you have successfully carried your precious baby for nine long months. Throw in some glittery shower gel to boot. You did it, you got through it, and you deserve to celebrate and have some fun before your work as a mummy to a newborn begins! 

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