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The Mamazine #4

You'll be wishing you did your pelvic floor exercises mamas, because this week in The Mamazine we have funny stories from Steph Douglas, founder of Don't Buy Her Flowers, and the entertaining Tasmin Roberts, former Sky News Anchorwoman turned You Tube 'Anchormum' and social media vlogger.

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We're reviewing the latest best-selling novel from Giovanna Fletcher 'Happy Mum, Happy Baby'. Fab new blogger Frances Cross Writes tells us why she loves this fun biography.

As always, if you like what you read feel free to leave your comments and share the stories. 

Slice of Advice with 'Anchormum' Tasmin Roberts 

Tamsin Roberts is a broadcast journalist and was a real anchor at Sky News before having 3 children. She also worked at ITV as a newsreader and reporter. The reality of going to back to work and finding childcare for 3 kids led to Anchormum and documenting all those cliched kiddie scenarios in her best newsreader voice and favourite outfits. Anything to keep sane amidst the chaos of 3 kids.

It's okay to: Accept help. With my first baby I wanted to do everything myself. By baby number 3 I had learnt that the baby will be totally fine rocked by someone else while you go for a bath/nap/coffee...

Say hello to: Nipple shields. Oh the glamour....

Say goodbye to: Ever going to the loo on your own again. 

Never forget to: Seek out like minded mums. You can compare sleep routines , pooey nappies (trust me you will talk about this even if you think you won't 😉) and eat endless amounts of cake!  If you have the right girl support the early days may be the hardest but they can also be the best.

Book of the Week - 'Happy Mum, Happy Baby' by Giovanna Fletcher. 

This week, Frances Cross Writes, tells us why she loved this honest account of motherhood so much.

"I'm a mum of a 2-year-old, in the amidst of full blown tantrums, mixed with refusals to do anything when asked, topped with constant requests for chocolate bars. In between all of this I've found the time to read a book.

I have read Giovanna’s fiction books before and love her style of writing. I also follow her vlogs about motherhood so I anticipated a good, easy read. 

It's a non-fiction book full of the ups and downs of being a mother to two. She tells her story from the very beginning of wanting a child but not making it happen. Giovanna is very honest with her description of how she felt physically and mentally when being unable to conceive. We rarely read such honesty today. Thanks to filters within social media we usually only get to see the sunny side of life. Everyone thinks it’s such an easy journey to have a baby, but in reality it’s difficult both physically and mentally. Her conversational style of writing makes her situation very real and relatable. 

The story continues onto Giovanna manging to conceive yet suffering a miscarriage. This part of the book had me in tears. It hit me personally as I too have lost babies due to an ectopic pregnancy, followed by a miscarriage. What she wrote about lack of support is true. You wait until the magical 12 weeks until you say anything, yet suffering a loss without anyone knowing you were pregnant is difficult. Grieving without support around you is tough, I have been there and she describes it perfectly. 

Being married to a member of a successful band you might think this is your typical tell all celebrity book, actually it’s far from it. Of course she mentions Tom, yet she writes completely from a mother’s point of view. She goes into details about her labour experience and the first few days with a new born. She continues onto topics such as traveling on a plane with a baby, weaning and potty training. Tom does have a mention at the end of the book – in fact a whole chapter devoted to him, this chapter is a lovely read especially as we usually argue with dads rather than thank them.

The whole book spoke to my heart, reminding me of the good times of motherhood that should outweigh the negative. It’s perfectly written without a “mum knows best” tone. This isn’t your typical baby book, it's more about being a mum and honest stories of when life can get tough. It helps you realise you are not alone. Whilst some parts of the book had me in tears, the majority of time I was laughing out loud or nodding away in agreement.

I wish this book was around before I had my toddler, the support written in the words would have been so valuable, especially when googling how to solve newborn hiccups at 3am."


From Steph Douglas founder of

"My kids are 21 months apart, which meant there was this mental period when I was breastfeeding one and potty-training the other on not a lot of sleep. We call that 'The Survival Phase' now; we just needed to get through it.

"The logistics were a challenge and leaving the house was never that enjoyable, but had to be done because we all went a bit mad if we stayed at home.

"Anyway, we were walking along the river one afternoon and a potty-training Buster decided he needed a poo. I didn't have any wipes with me and after he'd squatted by a tree on a public footpath, the only thing I could use to wipe his bum was Mabel's cardigan. Which I later washed and it was good as new. I like to think it was pretty resourceful of me."

Little Dot Product of the Week 

The Mother of Wildlings Twinning mother sweatshirt and kids long sleeve tee. Because when my children occasionally turn savage, I wonder whether we have wildling in our bloodline. 

Check them out here

Little Dot Diary

I have been pounding the hills this week, training on the Cotswold Hills with Little Dot on my back for the Three Peaks Challenge in June (highest mountain in Scotland, England and Wales in 24 hours).

My dad loved climbing mountains, and also did the three peaks. Holidays as a teenager were spent climbing mountains in the Lake District rather than sunning myself in Tenerife. 

He took his life almost six years ago and by a strange coincidence the weekend of the Three Peaks Challenge falls on the anniversary of his death. 

There has been some great exposure of mental health and fantastic support for the charities of late. Long may it continue! 

Naturally I will be raising money for a mental health charity and keeping everyone updated of my training progress with my Little Dot on my back on Insta Stories.


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