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Six Reasons Why Afternoon Tea Comes up Trumps for a Baby Shower!

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Filling my face with a bloody delicious chocolate brownie and staring at the amazing array of sandwiches, cakes and my pot of Earl Grey I came to the definite conclusion that Afternoon Tea makes for a fantastic baby shower idea.

What is more enjoyable when you’re pregnant than having a totally guilt free opportunity to over dose on cakes?!

Today I took my wonderful mum out for a post-Christmas treat - these nans earn their crust with baby sitting duties when you have kids so need to be treated like a princess once in a while. Sitting by the fire in the Broadway Cotswold Inns & Hotels we happily chatted and gorged on food, with not a baby, toddler or child in sight! Those two hours were wonderful and about as rare as snow on Christmas Day.

For my own baby shower I decided to have it at home… with my son… and his friends… all tearing about the house like little wildlings. I love having my kids around, but I now realise that I totally missed a trick. A baby shower is all about enjoying some quality time pre-newborn and getting a little bit spoilt, because for the last eight months you’ve been putting the time and hard effort in harbouring your tiny human.

Afternoon Tea is perfect because:

#1 what person doesn’t enjoy lots of cakes and if they want champagne? A win-win!

#2 if you’re a little uneasy with all of the attention on you, the mountain of sandwiches and cakes when they come out piled high always creates a bit of a gasp and therefore takes away some of the attention.

#3 it adds a bit of structure and a focal point to the event. The baby shower host therefore has to worry less about things like timings for putting out the food, music playlists etc.

#4 it takes the pressure off having to prepare and cook food and drink for a room full of people and therefore also removes the slightly intense duty of spending most of your time in the kitchen making cups of tea and coffee for everyone. Trying to remember who wants sugar, who wants a green bloody tea (I mock but that’s often me), who asked for a decaf coffee and then ferret about in the kitchen cupboards trying not to disappoint the non-caffeine drinker (again me past 12pm). Inevitably the mum-to-be, if it’s her house, gets dragged into the hunt for the drinks for the slightly more fussy among us.

#5 there is no mess to tidy up at the end, no plates to clean, no cups to wash. Hassle-free at its best!

#6 you still have the option to decorate the venue so that your baby shower can look like just that, a fabulous baby shower instead of a Women’s Institute monthly meeting.

Although I did enjoy both of my baby showers, hindsight is a wonderful thing and if I had my chance again I would be dropping hints like they’re hot to get my place centre table, and in the closest proximity to the chocolate walnut brownies (did I mention how good they were?! Salivating here) where we could ALL relax and enjoy the afternoon.

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