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What’s happening in your MAMAHOOD? with Little Dot Company

Feeling my baby kick for the first time was the most incredible moment. With my first baby it was so new and exciting I really enjoyed every tiny movement. With my second baby the first kick was a total relief after losing a baby in between my two children to miscarriage. Every kick counted to a growing feeling of security that this baby was going to be okay

Your role as a mother begins as soon as you find out that you have your baby inside of you. You immediately feel this responsibility to nurture and protect your growing son or daughter. Feeling your baby kick is a huge comfort, you know that they’re full of life and they’re safe. You get used to the times that they wake up and start to move, usually in the evening just as you’re about to go to sleep!! You know how important those movements are in answering the safety of your unborn baby. If those movements stop or slow down what do you do?

At the Baby Show in London Olympia I was exhibiting Little Dot Company and met the ladies from the charity Kicks Count for the first time when I donated a prize. From then I followed them on Facebook and learned all about this fantastic charity that gives helpful advice, support and even a free app to guide mummies-to-be.  Pregnancy can throw up either totally new or unfamiliar experiences and it is priceless to have an easy to reach hub of information and knowledge that can help you become more aware of signs to look for, help ease any concerns or help you make an informed decision about the movement of your baby.

As a business whose customers are primarily mums-to-be or new mums I feel a commitment to helping them become aware of all the different networks of support to help them through their pregnancy journey. This is why Little Dot Company has decided to work with Kicks Count and donate £5 of each of the MAMAHOOD hoodie sales. As this item is currently on sale it means that almost the entirety of the profits from the sales of these jumpers go to this deserving charity.

With this collaboration we are kick starting a campaign to find out what’s happening in your MAMAHOOD? To launch we will be running a competition on the Kicks Count Facebook Page this Wednesday evening to win two hoodies, so please do join in for your change to win.

Kicks Count will also be starting a MAMAHOOD photo album on it’s Facebook Page and will be adding photos of you in your mamahood. Whether that’s going on a family walk, snuggled up on the sofa, hiding in the cupboard to have a drink in peace we would love for you to share it.

The MAMAHOOD hoodies are available in 8 different styles, 4 different colours. The two winners have the choice to pick which ever style and colour they prefer

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