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LOL Tops That Sum Up MAMA LIFE by Little Dot Company

MAMA LIFE new mum gift

"Make sure you get as much sleep as you can now before the baby comes" my work colleague warned me before I went on maternity leave.

"I'm already tired," I thought to myself "getting up 1,000 times a night to empty my little weak, pathetic pregnancy bladder. How much worse can it get?"

Hahaha! The mother Gods laughed at hearing this naive presumption. Silly girl! 

I had no idea!! 

Here are the Little Dot tops that sum up your new life as a mother. 

We're adding more fun slogans to sweaters and tops in the spring season. So watch this space. 

The best-selling 'need more sleep - MAMA LIFE' off the shoulder sweater.

The perfect baseball tee for the millions of mum's across the world who would sometimes 'rather be asleep'. This MAMA LIFE baseball tee is currently on sale with limited stock. New range coming in March. 

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