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Little Dot The Mamazine #2

This week in the new Mamazine mid-week read we have an interview with winter olympian, TV presenter and new mother Chemmy Alcott. Also included is the new feature ‘Plights of the Embarrassing Motherhood Moments’ as well as a book review, products of the week and the Little Dot Diary. 

If you enjoy The Mamazine, I would love for you to share your mama moments. Feel free to leave your comments on the blog or on social media and get the mama conversation flowing. 

Little Slice of Advice with Chemmy Alcott 

Breaking the mould on standard post-baby behaviour, four times Winter Olympian and TV presenter Chemmy Alcott propelled herself back into action just weeks after having her gorgeous baby boy, Locki, to present on BBC Ski Sunday in Switzerland. 

Since returning to the screens in January, Chemmy and three-month-old Locki have already travelled to seven different countries.

This week in The Little Dot Mamazine, adrenaline junky Chemmy gives us her Little Slice of Advice on early motherhood. 

It’s okay to: make mistakes. Being a mum is all about learning. Throughout my professional and personal life I always learnt from the mistakes I made. It is the same now. Occasionally I don't understand Locki's frustrations and because every day he evolves and develops, I have to guess sometimes!

Say hello to: dummies! I always thought I wouldn't use dummies but now with Locki and us travelling so much staying in hotels next to other guests, I definitely use one to calm him!

Say goodbye to: long leisurely baths! I used to love a good hippo style soak - now its all about bathing with the wee man and making him feel as comfortable as possible in the water.

Never forget: you are doing the best you can. Especially as a new mum sometimes you can feel upset when your baby is crying. But we are all going through the same learnings and all you can do and be is your best!

Find Little Slice of Advice baby shower cards here.  

Book of the Week 

‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ written by Khaled Hosseini

“The book to read is not one that thinks for you, but one that makes you think.” - Harper Lee 

This is often what I look for in a book or a film and ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ certainly ticks that box. 

If you want a book that moves you then look no further. This novel proves beyond doubt that when women support women, incredible things happen. 

The book focusses on the relationship of two Afghan women, generationally divided but with stark similarities in their life-experiences and the oppressive treatment they are subjected to. It made me fully appreciate that we really know very little about people of the world.

The book also made me realise the power of love, cruelty and the fragility of life, and how friendships can evolve from the most adverse situations. I gained a new appreciation for the very worst of human behaviour and how kindness can prevail in making a difference to another’s life. 

A Thousand Splendid Suns really opened my eyes and made me reflect on life, and how personal interactions with others can have a life-long impact.

Little Dot Favourite Find  

This week I have been working the teething jewellery look. My Little Dot has actually gone past the teething stage now, but I still love the style of the jewellery. Also, I myself have always been partial to a nibble on my own necklaces over the years, which makes the teething jewellery all the more perfect for my occasional regression to the teething phase.  

I love this summery yellow one, but for babies (boy or girl) I wouldn’t be able to resist the dinosaur teether. Check them out. 

Little Dot NEW Product of the Week! 

Little Dot scour the internet for some great suppliers of fun and/or stunning gifts for parents and mums. This week we have added a new collection to the milestone cards from Pudding & Chops. These milestone cards for mummies are hilarious and a great gift for yourself or a new mum. 

The one I am still desperate to take a selfie with is ‘Last night I slept ALL night’… Please God may that happen soon without one of my kids waking up…? 

Get them here! 

Plights of the Embarrassing Motherhood Moments

Following from the brilliant interview with Stolen Sleep blogger and Sleep is for the Weak author Emily-Jane, when she shared her embarrassing moment of realising her little girl had exposed her breast at a party for a full 10 minutes, it seemed like a great idea to add the ‘Embarrassing Motherhood Moments’ as a feature to The Mamazine. I would love for you to send in yours to be included.  

This week I will start with one that happened to me just last week. Whilst my son was at his swimming lesson and I sat in the cafe with my wildest child, the Little Dot, I saw my old university lecturer who I haven’t seen in over 10 years. 

A retired, friendly, but rather sensible man. I chatted to him about his family and mine, whist holding my Little Dot. She decided to take this sensible conversation as an opportunity to honk my boobs and say loudly to my lecturer “mummy’s boobies.” We both acted like she hadn’t said anything, but seeing that she wasn’t getting a reaction from us, she proceeded to repeatedly grope my chest and shout again and again. “MUMMY’S BOOBIES! MUMMY’S BOOBIES!!” A little embarrassed I replied “Yes darling that’s right.” and put her down on the floor. Where she clawed at my legs and would not drop the new obsession with my mammaries and took the shouting into a whinge “Booooobies, booooobies!” I made my excuses to bring the conversation to a halt and sat back down in the cafe cringing. 

It won’t come as a surprise that as soon as I stopped talking to my old lecturer there was no further mention of boobies. She had scored her point in shamming mummy and was silently smug over her win. 

The Little Dot Diary

Chasing a screaming 21-month-old with a nappy full of poo around the Cheltenham Maman Goes Pop event is how I started my week. I decided I would try a kind of ‘take your kid in to work day’. The wonderful Little Top ( were providing some fab children’s entertainment at the pop up shop in the Wilson Cafe where Little Dot Company has a stall this week.

We had an excellent arts and crafts session, an animated story time, a little play with all of the amazing toys and dressing up clothes. Then I decided to crank up the laptop while Bella was busy with the books and toys. I’m not sure when I’m going to learn that this kind of wishful thinking of combining work with what appeared to be a happy, occupied child does not work and always twists into chaos and carnage, but hopefully I will soon. Not satisfied with the multitude of toys, Little Dot, also known as Bella The Brave, decided to scale the beautiful Little Top tent and then hide around the back of it because she had done a “poo poo in nappy”.

A not so great start, but it has got progressively better. Little Dot will be staring in the Gloucestershire Echo this week, along with the other fab brands at the Maman Pop Up Shop. 

On Friday I will be announcing the launch of a new charitable clothing range with donations going to the Little Dot main charity of 2017 Kicks Count, so watch this space for the Facebook giveaway and product launch. 

Also confirmed is a collaboration for the book launch of Sleep is for the Weak in Waterstones, Market Harborough, where Little Dot will be supporting the excellent author Emily-Jane and giving away 30 Sleep is for the Weak tote bags. 


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