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Little Dot The Magazine #1

Every week Little Dot will bring you the mini MAMAzine filled with fun content of book reviews, genius products for mums, interviews with celebrities, authors, mum bloggers, as well as top tips on a multitude of mama life problems. 

What you enjoy really matters! So if you like what you read, if you can relate to the stories, if you have something you want to say, then I would love for you to leave your comments on the webpage or/and on Facebook and get the mama conversation flowing.

Book of the Week 

The Unmumsy Mum Diary – Sarah Turner

If you loved the connection you had with Sarah Turner’s first best-selling novel, The Unmumsy Mum then her follow up The Unmumsy Mum Diary will not disappoint. Sarah shares her new life as a busy author, mum, wife and blogger and documents the daily grind of juggling work commitments and motherhood with a dollop of hilarity.   

Covering the struggle to do it all and the profound power of the evil mum guilt, Sarah’s unfailing honesty and wicked sense of humour will resonate with your experiences of bringing up children. 

For me, it’s a great bed time read so at the end of the day I can take solace in the fact that us mothers are all going through the same shit, just sometimes it’s a slightly different problem.  

Personal highlights, the willy show and poo gate! 

Little Dot Favourite Find 

Wine down mothers, bath time just got a whole lot hotter. This blissful product has a slot for your wine glass (genius), candle (bonus) and book or iPad (awesome)! Just make sure your kids never get wind of the fantastic latter feature – “MUMMY! I want to play Minecraft in the bath!” (FFS!). 

Bathtub Tray with book rest and wine and candle holder - £26.99 by Bondhouse on Amazon

Little Dot Product of the Week - Bearing with it

For the mamas who have Ginned and beared it through the Easter holidays, this new long sleeve MAMA LIFE top is for you. Perfect for hiding evidence of excess Easter choccies with it's flowy fit. Eggcelent! NB: must be accompanied by an ice cold glass of G&T before sunset. 

£26 in the Little Dot MAMA Clothing collection.

The Marigolds Are Off Interview 

To launch the MAMAzine, this week Little Dot interviewed mum of two, author of hilarious new book Sleep is for the Weak, blogger and journalist for the Emily-Jane. Here she shares some embarrassing moments and tips on surviving the sleepless plight.  

Little Dot - Pregnancy is like marmite, you either love it or hate it. How did you feel about yours and how would you describe it in three honest words? 

Emily-Jane - Awesome but uncomfortable.

LD - During the night, having a newborn can feel like you’ve been kidnapped and subjected to Japanese sleep torture. What are your Top Tips for surviving the early days?

EJ - 

  1. Coffee and a sense of humour.
  2. Read your baby not the books!  
LD - Yep, I'm with you there. The effects of having a toddler who still doesn’t sleep can make you feel like your mind has been melted! What are your Tips for getting through the day, especially when you're at work?

EJ -

  1. More coffee!!!
  2. Telling yourself that you CAN do this. Just like you did yesterday and the day before that and the day before that.

LD - My children have an annoying habit of opening the cubicle door to the public toilet while I’m sat on the loo. What’s the most embarrassing thing(s) your children do to you? 

EJ - Ha, God there are so many! My kids do the public toilet thing too or often shout ‘are you doing a wee or a poo mummy?”.  But worse than that my daughter is always grabbing my clothes to get me to pick her up and she once did it at a party and pulled down my halter neck. I was chatting for ten minutes before someone told me I had an entire boob hanging out! 

LD - That's a top trump embarrassing moment there!! What’s the standard bribe bomb you drop to get your kids to do what you want?  

EJ - Biscuits. Without biscuits I have no power.

LD - Although we love to moan about the worst bits of having kids, they are amazing and are a constant source of amusement and unparalleled love. What is the funniest thing your children have said or done recently?

EJ - My daughters make me cry with laughter! They are a bit of a double act. Their latest trick is to run up to men when we are out and shout "DADDY DADDY." Bit embarrassing for the poor blokes and their wives!! They also like to do funny naked dances, which are a constant 'source of amusement' in our house! 

LD - Where can we pick up a copy of your book? 

EJ - From May 18th on Amazon (link below) or most book stores!

The Little Dot Diary

Narrowly missing an awkward kiss on the mouth with Sarah Turner (aka The Unmumsy Mum) was just one of the many things that happened last week in the world of Little Dot. Somehow we managed to do a rapid face reshuffle and plant our kisses on the more acceptable area for introductions, the cheek. 

The kiss was soon followed by us breaking into a mum dance, acknowledging an earlier exchange of tweets. Are we the only ones whose moves have fallen onto the safer side of the dancing tracks since popping out children? 

In my time working in PR for one of the UK’s largest libraries, this is the first greeting I’ve had with an author that has been so full of laughter and amusement. But I suspect this is why The Unmumsy Mum has become such a huge sensation with mothers across the nation, and now the world, because of her sincerity and sense of fun.     

Sarah was one of four funny parent bloggers on a panel to launch The Parent Pause, a new event organising service run by Natalie Bullard for likeminded mums and dads in  Warwickshire. Little Dot provided the ‘Gin and bear it’ giveaway tote bags for 100 mums and had fun chatting to MAMAS who are bearing up on the 'need more sleep' front, as well as getting achy womb from the newborn babies in the room.


In the coming weeks, Little Dot will be popping up in Cheltenham at the Wilson Café for 6 days with its pop up shop from Monday 24th to Saturday 29th April. Other brands at this family friendly shopping experience, organised by Cheltenham Maman HQ, include; We Are POP, The Little Top, Nomnom Kids, Five Boys Clothing, The Bump to Baby Chapter and more.

Once again, Little Dot is returning to Rugby for The Parent Pause event with social media style sensation Dress Like a Mum, Zoe de Pass on Wednesday 10th May. 

Finally on the 19th May, Little Dot will be lurking in Waterstones, Market Harborough with some totes amaze tote bags for the book launch of the hilarious Sleep is for the Weak by witty author and journalist Emily-Jane Clark (out on the 18th May)

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