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Interview with Author of Book Sleep is for the Weak

The Marigolds Are Off Interview 

We launched the new Mamazine this week with an interview with mum of two, author of hilarious new book Sleep is for the Weak, blogger and journalist for the Emily-Jane. Here she shares some embarrassing mum moments and tips on surviving the sleepless plight.  

Little Dot - Pregnancy is like marmite, you either love it or hate it. How did you feel about yours and how would you describe it in three honest words? 

Emily-Jane - Awesome but uncomfortable.

LD - During the night, having a newborn can feel like you’ve been kidnapped and subjected to Japanese sleep torture. What are your Top Tips for surviving the early days?

EJ - 

  1. Coffee and a sense of humour.
  2. Read your baby not the books!  
LD - Yep, I'm with you there. The effects of having a toddler who still doesn’t sleep can make you feel like your mind has been melted! What are your Tips for getting through the day, especially when you're at work?

EJ -

  1. More coffee!!!
  2. Telling yourself that you CAN do this. Just like you did yesterday and the day before that and the day before that.

LD - My children have an annoying habit of opening the cubicle door to the public toilet while I’m sat on the loo. What’s the most embarrassing thing(s) your children do to you? 

EJ - Ha, God there are so many! My kids do the public toilet thing too or often shout ‘are you doing a wee or a poo mummy?”.  But worse than that my daughter is always grabbing my clothes to get me to pick her up and she once did it at a party and pulled down my halter neck. I was chatting for ten minutes before someone told me I had an entire boob hanging out! 

LD - That's a top trump embarrassing moment there!! What’s the standard bribe bomb you drop to get your kids to do what you want?  

EJ - Biscuits. Without biscuits I have no power.

LD - Although we love to moan about the worst bits of having kids, they are amazing and are a constant source of amusement and unparalleled love. What is the funniest thing your children have said or done recently?

EJ - My daughters make me cry with laughter! They are a bit of a double act. Their latest trick is to run up to men when we are out and shout "DADDY DADDY." Bit embarrassing for the poor blokes and their wives!! They also like to do funny naked dances, which are a constant 'source of amusement' in our house! 

LD - Where can we pick up a copy of your book? 

EJ - From May 18th on Amazon (link below) or most book stores!

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