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How far should we take a thank you?

We're all guilty of it, forgetting to say thank you. Thank you for the gift, thank you for your help, thank you for passing me the nappy. Our silent gratitude is accidental, a little fail on our part. 

But when should we go that extra mile to sprinkle some appreciation for a little act of kindness? Does a verbal than you do? A text, a card, a bunch of flowers? When do the thank yous stop? Do we send a thank you for saying thank you?!

There are plenty of people that are firmly in the mind set that a quick text to say cheers will do. I for one have sent many a lazy text in favour of putting pen to paper. But when I look at my fab pin board (a wedding gift! Hope I said thank you!) the things that have stayed up there and have earned their stripes as long-serving pin board stalwarts are the thank you cards.

This is because, as much as laziness and tardiness can sometimes get the better of me, I have to admit that a handwritten note of thanks is a pretty nice thing to receive. Some might go as far to say an 'exciting' thing to receive in this virtual world. 

My friend, Five Kids Kate, despite all the unbelievable craziness she must endure with the aforementioned five kids, always sends a thank you note for every gift I buy her children. As much as it makes me feel guilty how useless I can sometimes be, I still love receiving them. It also makes me feel like my effort to find the present was really appreciated.  

Thank you, just two simple words but they are shorthand for so much more. 

As I type this, I am looking at the pile of thank you cards I need to write: for my Little Dot's first birthday presents; for the help my mum (with a broken arm) and Aunty Sandy (my mum's right arm :o)) have given me with looking after Little Dot while I go to work; for my son's nursery teachers for all the wonderful work they have done with him during his two years at pre-school. The pile looks daunting, but I realise the important truth my pin board has taught me: a text goes a long way, but a thank you note goes even further. 

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