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One to 10 of Budgeting for a Baby Shower

Baby showers are taking off in the UK like beard trims in a barber's shop! With this increase in parties, there is a shift in the size, style and type of baby shower bashes that people are throwing. 

While the Kardashians of this world may bathe in a lavish pre-baby party, you don't need to break the bank to have an event worthy of a permanent place in yours and your guest's memory. 

Little Dot Company believe that a great baby shower can be easily achieved on a moderate budget. But as with any party, there are costs and time involved, particularly if you want to give the event that extra edge.

Although it feels nice to hold the mantel for being the solo organiser of a baby shower shindig, it can make you anxious over how much money you're spending, or panic because you're running out of time to do everything. 

To help you make a decision on whether to involve another person(s) in the preparations, here is a quick low down on the things you need to purchase and prepare to pull off the perfect party. 

  1. Invitations - not a prerequisite, but they do set the tone for the occasion, even more so if you have gone with a theme. 
  2. Venue - depending on where you decide to host the party, some budget may need to be set aside for the venue. Spa days, tea rooms, and village or town halls are all becoming popular options for baby showers. 
  3. Decorations - Transforming an ordinary room into a wonderful jazzed up party haven certainly does wonders for turning up the atmosphere, not to mention impressing one important heavily pregnant lady. Buntings, banners, balloons, confetti, cakes...! Add it to the list.  
  4. Food and beverages - soft drinks, pregnatinis (aka alcohol-free cocktails, but with an exotic pregnancy spin), alcohol, teas, coffees, and a nice 'spread' of food.  TIP - To lower the cost of food, time the baby shower in between lunch and tea, so that people will already be reasonably full. 
  5. Partyware - unless you are using crockery, you may need to purchase paper plates, napkins and table covers, but we say save your pennies, save the environment and go for cutlery and crockery. 
  6. Cakes - do you like the idea of the ever trending cupcakes or a big cake? TIP - if you go for cupcakes you have dessert covered. Enlist the help of a friend or family member who is the Mary Berry sort to help make the cake(s).
  7. Table Centres - there are some really effective table centres for parties that can be found on the Little Dot Company Facebook and Instagram pages. A bit of creativity can save you from blowing the budget.
  8. Favours - a growing fashion is for people to provide a favour. Again, this doesn't have to be expensive or over the top. TIP - If you have chosen the You Are My Sunshine theme, you can pot a sunflower seed to give to each of the guests that will grow with the baby, or give out a 'thank you' cupcake. 
  9. Games - these also needn't be expensive. Some of the best games are free, but they do take time to work out. Another reason why you might want to involve a friend(s). TIP - A fun game to get everyone involved is to ask the guests before the shower to send you photos of themselves as babies/toddlers. Assemble the pictures on a board or wall and assign each photo a number. Hand out paper to the guests to write down which person matches which picture. Whoever guesses the most correct answers wins. 
  10. Gift - decide on what you think will make a perfect gift. If necessary you can ask friends to share the cost. However, be sure to give them an early 'heads up' in case they already have ideas of their own.  

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