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All she wanted for Christmas was a nap, but failing that… are some fantastic gifts for new mums, mums-to-be, dads, nannies and tots. Let us take you on the Little Dot Christmas Gift Guide. Starting from the more big-hearted gift to a kind gesture or stocking filler.

Need more sleep – MAMA LIFE sweatshirt – Introducing the slightly more Christmasy colours of red, and black and gold. Super soft and ever so slightly sexy!


MAMA LIFE sweatshirt – If your gift receiver has got sleep covered, a MAMA LIFE sweatshirt may be the ticket. It can be worn off the shoulder to make baby groups/school runs casual sexy!


If mummy says no, ask nanny - NANA LIFE - name a grandparent that this top isn't suited for! A stylish and fun gift for all the nannies out their who spoil their grandchildren rotten! 


Mamahood hoodie – For some it is all about getting warm and hibernating like a hedgehog. These ‘hibernation hoodies’ are the perfect, loose fitting jumpers to represent your little family hood. They come in black, grey, red wine and candy pink for the mums who can’t resist a bit of blush. Launched at The Baby Show, these jumpers have a special introductory price of 10% off until 23 November.

£26.10 with 10% discount (RRP £29)

Relegated – DAD LIFE – one for the dad’s out there who have come to accept their new position in the family pecking order. Yes, I am afraid the baby is now top of the league! This fun jumper is now on sale. Bag it before it sells out.

£25 in sale (RRP £34)

Baby Journals – These stunning journals are a lovely gift idea and are fun to fill in.


Family Album – Once the journals are filled and your baby goes past its first birthday how do you record all the fun memories, amusing sayings and stories about your family? These books are a wonderful keepsake of your life as a young family.


Need more sleep – MAMA LIFE vest – for the active mums or those who want a bit of relaxation during pregnancy. These yoga/gym vests are loose fitting and perfect for pregnancy yoga or post baby workouts. They Hide the lumps and bumps and are excellent for breastfeeding.


Advent Activity Calendar – If your little one loves colouring and activities this calendar is an adorable way of counting down to Christmas.


Alternative Pregnancy Milestone Cards – Let’s face it, pregnancy isn’t just about feeling the first kick, seeing the first scan. There are plenty of good, bad and ugly moments in between. This is a fun way to remember those occasions.


Alternative Baby Milestone Cards – It’s great to record the first time your baby smiled, rolled over, but what about the achievements for you, like finally going to the toilet or having a hot drink in peace! These are major mummy milestones…believe me! A fun gift for the early years with a baby.


Personalised ‘NAME was born to sparkle or ‘NAME was born to be ROARSOME’. Fantastic personalised tops for a boy or girl.


Cool Kids Never Sleep – ain’t that the truth! If your little one is as cool as mine, it is only right that they receive some acknowledgement. A cool gift for a cool kid!


Coffee mugs – ‘May my coffee be as dark as the circles around my eyes’ or ‘The kind of morning when your coffee needs a coffee’ ideal little gifts for a friend or stocking filler for your partner.


Mummy-to-be vouchers – Is cooking and cleaning overwhelming in the first stages of having a baby? Definitely! Why wait for your new mummy to ask for help, give them these fantastic vouchers. A priceless and thoughtful gift that mummies across the land would be hugely grateful to receive.


USE code SANTA10 at checkout for a Christmas discount! Valid until 1 December 2016. 

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